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We are independent ETIAS information and news publishing website for UK Citizens traveling to Spain. Catch the latest updates on the European Union Travel Requirements and Regulations only with us.
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From day one we have been providing the latest updates on European Travel Regulations and Requirements for you. This is why we are the most trusted source of information dedicated to UK citizens interested in visiting Spain.

Here you can have an access to the most up-to-date news about deadline changes, application procedures, visa ETIAS Spain requirements, eligible countries and other related information with just one click of a button.

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You can apply for authorisation through our website online. All you need to submit alongside the filled in questionnaire is a valid biometric passport.

Biometric Passport is a type of travel document that comes with an embedded microchip, containing all your personal information.

No. The system is expected to be launched from 2025. Before that you will not need any additional documentation to travel to the EU, EFTA and European Microstates with Open Borders.

For additional information check out the list of eligible countries.

Yes, but it depends on the severity of the crime. It is less likely that minor criminal convictions will result in denial of your authorisation. However, you might be obliged to attend additional interview.

For additional information contact our customer support team or check out FAQs page.