European Travel Information and Authorization System

ETIAS Requirements for UK Citizens Traveling to Spain

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System, or simply ETIAS, is a digital travel authorisation system coming into force from 2025. According to ETIAS requirements, it will be mandatory for every non-EU national who enjoys visa-free travel with the European Union once.

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Learn More About ETIAS Requirements

From 2025, you, as a UK citizen, will need to apply for ETIAS authorisation to travel to Spain and other EU member countries. ETIAS is a digital travel authorisation system aimed at enhancing EU’s flexibility towards external risks and preventing security, epidemiological and migratory risks.

Your submitted documents, including the ETIAS application and biometric passport, will be cross-checked and verified with the existing databases to ensure that you don’t pose a threat for the union.

The application will include general questions about your personal information, travel and medical history and criminal records. While it is expected that majority of all the applications will be approved within hours, you might be requested to submit additional documentation or attend an interview.

For more ETIAS requirements-related questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact customer support team.

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Who Will Need an ETIAS Visa Waiver to Travel to Spain?

ETIAS Visa Waiver will become the pivotal part of your European travel from 2025. UK citizens, alongside other 59 visa-exempt countries nationals, will need to apply for ETIAS authorisation prior traveling to Spain or any other Schengen Area countries. Once approved, your ETIAS authorisation will be valid for three years.


As of today, the EU has a visa-free travel agreement with 59 countries worldwide. The list includes the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. From 2025, these countries will be known as ETIAS-eligible countries.


ETIAS authorisation enables you to stay in Schengen Area only for 90 days within 180-day period. If you intend to stay in the EU for more than 90 consecutive days, you need to apply for a relevant visa or residence permit.


Minors and Children are not exempt from applying for ETIAS authorisation prior traveling. Parent or legal guardian is responsible for filling in their application.

ETIAS-Eligible Countries

Citizens of all 59 visa-exempt countries are eligible to apply for ETIAS authorisation online. Due to Brexit, the UK is in the list of ETIAS-eligible countries since January 2020. Other ETIAS-eligible countries are:

  • etias visa waiverAlbania
  • etias visa waiverAntigua-et-Barbuda
  • etias visa waiverArgentine
  • etias visa waiverAustralie
  • etias visa waiverBahamas
  • etias visa waiverBarbade
  • etias visa waiverBosnie-Herzégovine
  • etias visa waiverBrésil
  • etias visa waiverBrunei
  • etias visa waiverCanada
  • etias visa waiverChili
  • etias visa waiverColombie
  • etias visa waiverCosta Rica
  • etias visa waiverRépublique dominicaine
  • etias visa waiverLe Salvador
  • etias visa waiverGéorgie
  • etias visa waiverGrenade
  • etias visa waiverGuatemala
  • etias visa waiverHonduras
  • etias visa waiverHong Kong
  • etias visa waiverIsraël
  • etias visa waiverJapon
  • etias visa waiverKiribati
  • etias visa waiverMacao
  • etias visa waiverMacédoine du Nord
  • etias visa waiverMalaisie
  • etias visa waiverÎles Marshall
  • etias visa waiverÎle Maurice
  • etias visa waiverMexique
  • etias visa waiverMicronésie
  • etias visa waiverMoldavie
  • etias visa waiverMonténégro
  • etias visa waiverNouvelle-Zélande
  • etias visa waiverNicaragua
  • etias visa waiverPalaos
  • etias visa waiverPanama
  • etias visa waiverParaguay
  • etias visa waiverPérou
  • etias visa waiverSaint Kitts & Nevis
  • etias visa waiverSainte-Lucie
  • etias visa waiverSaint Vincent
  • etias visa waiverSt. Vincent
  • etias visa waiverSerbia
  • etias visa waiverSeychelles
  • etias visa waiverSingapore
  • etias visa waiverSolomon Islands
  • etias visa waiverSouth Korea
  • etias visa waiverTaiwan
  • etias visa waiverTimor Leste
  • etias visa waiverTonga
  • etias visa waiverTrinidad and Tobago
  • etias visa waiverTuvalu
  • etias visa waiverUruguay
  • etias visa waiverUkraine
  • etias visa waiverUAE
  • etias visa waiverVanuatu
  • etias visa waiverVenezuela
  • etias visa waiverUnited Kingdom
  • etias visa waiverUnited States
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How to Apply for ETIAS From the UK

ETIAS application process will be easy and smooth. It will take only 20 minutes to fill in the application and submit all necessary documentation.

First, you need to fill in the online questionnaire. It will include questions regarding your personal information, travel and medical history, work and education background, criminal and conviction records etc.

Then you will need to submit the first page of your biometric passport. This is a type of travel document that comes with embedded chip and stores all your personal information, including your fingerprints. Biometric passports were first issued in 2010, so if your travel document was issued before that, you will need to apply for a new passport before applying for ETIAS authorisation.

Once submitted, you will get your feedback automatically in several hours. However, in case of additional questions, ETIAS officer might request additional documentation or schedule an interview. The application fee will be 7 euros.

Documents Needed to Apply for ETIAS from the UK

ETIAS does not require a lot of documentation and will only ask for a valid biometric passport at the initial stage of application. However, the system requires the following information to be displayed:

  • Digital photographs (glued photographs are not acceptable)
  • A machine-readable passport
  • An electronic passport chip (not mandatory)

If the system detects that your provided information is insufficient, additional supporting documents may be required. A list of the required documents will be sent to you on your indicated email address. In rare cases, if additional documentations fail to prove the legitimacy or validity of information, you might be asked to attend an online interview.