European Travel Information and Authorization System

ETIAS Application for UK Citizens

Application will be available after the launch of ETIAS in November 2025. Before that, we remain abreast of the ongoing processes to bring you the most relevant and trustworthy updates on ETIAS-related topics.

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What Is ETIAS?

ETIAS is a travel authorisation system coming into force from November 2025. It will be mandatory for every non-EU national who don’t need visa to travel to Europe. As of today, ETIAS Scheme covers 60 eligible countries, making up to almost 20% of the world’s population.

According to the European Union, any visa-exempt third-country national will have to submit their personal information, alongside their biometric passport online. This information will be cross-checked with several databases (including Interpol, Europol and SIS) to eliminate any security, epidemiological and illegal migration risks.

Once the cross-checking process is over successfully, you will get the authorisation to travel to the EU (except Ireland), EFTA and European Microstates with Open Borders. It is estimated that approval rate for the ETIAS application will be 95%. The application process will take maximum 24 hours.

Your ETIAS authorisation will be valid for three years per one passport. ETIAS authorisation cannot be transferred between the passports. If you apply for a new passport, you will need to apply for new authorisation too.

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Necessary Information

ETIAS application will be easy and smooth process. You will need less than 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire and upload the first page of your biometric passport.

Questionnaire will include questions about your personal details, traveling history and criminal records. While in majority of the cases the system will automatically approve the applications, in rare occasions, you might be asked to submit additional documentation or attend an interview.

Necessary Information


Biometric information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Last Name at Birth
  • Date of Birth

NATIONALITY information

  • Place of Birth
  • Citizenship and Nationality
  • Address
  • Phone & Email
  • Work Experience and Education
  • The EU Country(ies) You Plan to Visit


  • Medical History
  • Criminal History
  • Drug Use or Terrorism
  • Travel to Warzones
  • Travel History
Get Notified When ETIAS Becomes Mandatory!

Cancellation or Denial of ETIAS Application

In case you accidentally or intentionally submit the wrong information, your ETIAS authorisation will be denied. The denial can also be a result of existing legal concerns regarding the applicant.

Here are some examples why your application might be rejected:

  • The applicant’s passport has been reported as stolen, misappropriated or invalidated by SIS previously.
  • The applicant poses a security threat.
  • The applicant is a potential danger to illegal immigration.
  • The applicant presents a high epidemic risk.
  • The applicant has been previously noted as dangerous by SIS.
  • The applicant fails to provide additional documentation within the given deadline.
  • The applicant fails to show up at an additional interview, requested by ETIAS authorisation officer.
  • There are reasonable doubts over the authenticity of the provided information and supporting documentation.