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How much does it cost to travel to Spain?

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How much does Spain travel cost? The average worldwide flight cost to Spain (from all international airports) is $665 to $1,103 per person for the economy and $2,088-$3,463 for first and second class. We recommend spending $36-$74 per person/day, depending on the activities.

General Spain travel cost

For travelers willing to travel on standby, manage inconveniences, and limit travel costs, the cost of a trip to Spain is $102 per person per day. Rents for entire areas range from $0 to $100, with vacation rentals starting at $16 per night. These rentals are not the most popular and should be booked early. Rooms starting at $41 are more common in 1-star hotels.

Spain Hotel Prices

You will find plenty of hostels that cater to solo travelers, backpackers, and luxury five-star properties. Spain travel costs will vary depending on where you’re visiting Spain. For example, accommodation in Barcelona is more expensive than accommodation in smaller towns, but these towns are also must-sees. Spain is a popular tourist destination and offers many accommodations to suit all budgets.

Spain’s average cost for a stay is slightly less than that of the average city. Hotels are generally less expensive than vacation rental properties. Because of the high price of Spanish property, luxury vacation rentals can be more expensive than hotels. Below are graphs that show how different experiences can impact the cost of vacation rentals.

Spain Flight Prices

Spain can technically be visited all year, but most people prefer to travel in spring and fall as the winters can be frigid. It is not surprising that summer and holidays (such as Easter) are the most expensive times for airfare. If you want to save money, try booking around peak times.

Spain has two major international airports you can fly into: Madrid and Barcelona. There is no advantage or disadvantage in choosing one over another, so it’s best to choose based on your itinerary and cost. Some people fly to one city but not another. Because it will save them some money on backtracking, they decide to fly to Barcelona or Madrid.

Prices for flights to the same destinations around the globe range from $1,103 in early August to $665 in February and January. The median flight price is $654. These prices are based on millions of flights. Our data for Spain includes hundreds of airlines and thousands of originating airports. This area is more expensive than other areas.

Daily Expenses Bud

Your daily vacation expenses will vary depending on your interests. Fine dining in Spain with drinks can quickly run to $270 per person, while a nice simple meal may cost around $18 per person. You will be able to use either cash or a credit card, whichever is preferable for you. Paying with a credit card can be more convenient in some places.

Private tours cost about $540 per day. Self-guided tours that take you to the outdoor sights are possible for free. Prices can vary widely, so we make recommendations based on what is available and the average cost of this type of vacation.

Local transportation

It is easy to travel around Spain. It’s possible to rent a car to drive around Spain. This is an excellent way of exploring the country and allows you to be as adventurous as you like. If you feel comfortable driving abroad, it’s something you should consider.

However, most people prefer to rely on public transit and trains. This is why I am using this estimate. Like many European countries, Spain has a great train and bus system that makes it easy to reach significant destinations. Spain’s national train system is called RENFE, but there is an alternative high-speed train called AVE (Alta Velocidad), which is more suitable for longer journeys. Booking online is a good idea as certain trains often require seats. It will also save you money if you book early.

Traveling to Spain will be different from 2025. Citizens of non-EU countries with a visa-free travel agreement with the EU will be required to submit ETIAS applications when the system is operational in 2025. This system will change the way how millions of people travel to Europe.

Buses are an option for those with tight budgets. The bus network is much more affordable than trains and slower than trains. Buses are a better option if you’re looking for a way to travel off the main tourist route.

Prices for local transport in Spain vary depending on how far you travel and what route you take. Consider purchasing the RENFE Spain Pass if you intend to travel a lot by train. You can choose from 4-10 journeys or a 6-journey pass, which costs 275 euros. You can get around the cities using the metro/city buses or on your feet.


How much money should I have to go to Spain?

It is recommended that you budget to spend EUR119 ($123), per day, on your vacation in Spain. This price is based on other visitors’ expenses. On average, past travelers spent EUR32 ($33) for meals and EUR22 ($222) on local transportation.

Is living in Spain cheap or expensive?

The cost of living in Spain is 123% lower than in the USA. Rent, utilities, groceries, and daycare are the most expensive areas.

What is the cheapest month to go to Spain?

It is considered that the best time to visit Spain is from December to March. This coincides with Spain’s coldest months as well as its thinnest tourist season.

How many days in Spain is enough?

We think spending at least seven days in Spain to thoroughly see most of the sights is necessary. It will be better to see two places on one trip daily.