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Is Schengen travel insurance mandatory to visit the EU?

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Travelers who visit Europe should financially be able to cover any medical expenses in the event of an injury, accident, or illness. It is compulsory to have travel insurance. Schengen travel insurance does not have to be mandatory if you’re from a country with a visa-free travel agreement with the Schengen Area.

What are the requirements to get Schengen travel insurance?

Your Schengen travel insurance must include coverage for repatriation and medical expenses up to EUR30,000 in case of a medical emergency or death. It is valid in all 26 Schengen countries.

Schengen Countries and travel insurance

Some countries, known as the Schengen Countries, may have special requirements about what type of insurance they will accept before issuing Travel Visas. You may need to prove proof of insurance if you are traveling to the following 26 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Finland. When traveling to any of these countries, their embassies may request that you show proof of the following insurance benefits: $50,000 of Medical Emergency/Hospitalization Coverage, $300,000 of Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage, $0 Deductible, and proof that the insurance company who provides this coverage has offices located in Europe.

What options do I have when purchasing Schengen travel insurance?

Low cost

AXA offers low-cost travel insurance for the Schengen area that meets visa requirements starting at EUR0.99 per person. This is an excellent option for those who value money. This insurance will provide repatriation and medical expenses in all Schengen countries.

Europe Travel

AXA is the most trusted brand in Schengen Visa insurance. AXA also offers a variety of products and options. Our Europe Travel Insurance, which costs EUR1.50 per day, is available for travelers with children under 18. It also covers those who plan to do more adventurous activities. This type of insurance also covers you for any loss or damage to documents and other essential items. This insurance policy can compensate you for time spent in the hospital and the replacement of crucial things. It also covers hotel expenses for your family.


Schengen Multi-trip insurance is perfect for frequent travelers with multiple entry visas. It costs EUR298 per year and can be used on various trips. This makes it ideal for business travelers requiring comprehensive coverage to protect their journeys from mishaps.

You will receive a certificate proving your insurance and detailing your policy immediately. This will allow you to continue with your application.

New travel regulations

The EU organized the European Travel and Information Authorisation System (ETIAS) to improve the Schengen zone’s border control. ETIAS is a travel authorization system coming into force in 2025, mandatory for anyone wanting to travel to Europe from a country whose citizens do not require a visa to enter.

Who Provides Schengen Travel Insurance?

While your health insurance policy through your employer might provide coverage for international medical emergencies, there are often limitations. It is essential to be aware of what you can and cannot expect in the event that you have a Schengen-related medical problem.

Most often, travelers purchase a Schengen travel policy that covers the days they plan to spend in Europe with the appropriate insurance provider.
You should ensure that the company you choose has been licensed and is accepted in the Schengen country where you plan to travel.

Do Schengen Visa Insurance Plans Cover COVID-19?

Yes. Some Schengen policies will cover COVID-related illnesses, provided you follow the laws and regulations of your home country and the World Health Organization (WHO) when you travel. The following are covered by COVID-19 insurance:

  • COVID-19 can cause serious health problems, such as hospitalization, medication, or medical treatment
  • Sometimes, PCR test

Not covered are expenses related to quarantine requirements, such as accommodation.

The specific policy will determine the amount of COVID coverage. AXA covers medical and repatriation costs for COVID-19-related illnesses, whereas MondialCare covers any medical consequences of COVID-19.

However, some insurance companies do not cover expenses related to pandemics or epidemics, including COVID-19.

The terms and conditions of an insurance company’s policy will state whether they cover COVID. Make sure to read all the fine print as well.

Can you get travel insurance with a criminal record?

Only unspent convictions are relevant. You don’t have to declare your spent conviction when applying for insurance. It is possible that you will be asked questions about the convictions of everyone who is covered by your insurance, including your partner and children or grandchildren.

Tips for Schengen Visa insurance

You should ensure that your current plan does not exclude you from purchasing travel insurance for your trip to Europe. If you have an existing project, ensure it meets the Schengen Visa requirements. Also, review the limitations and exclusions of any travel insurance policy to ensure that it covers your trip to Europe.

Also, you should review your travel plans if you plan to travel by car within the Schengen Area and check that your insurance covers you for any accidents. You should also ensure that your policy covers you for more risky activities, such as extreme sports. Also, make sure your insurance covers valuable possessions.

Travel tips

People with allergies or asthma should have medical information from their doctor. This will include details about their condition and any prescribed medications. It’s also intelligent to have any prescription drugs in case you have a chronic disease.

Before you purchase a new travel insurance policy to cover your trip to Europe, ensure that the one you have is not able to cover or reduce any international medical emergency costs.

If your policy covers international medical expenses, make sure to read the limitations and exclusions of your travel insurance policy.

You should look into purchasing combined travel insurance that includes valuable possessions and health coverage if you plan on traveling by car within the Schengen area.

The risk of getting sick varies depending on where you are traveling. It is highly recommended that people suffering from allergies or other pre-existing conditions have a copy of their physician’s medical file. This will include details about the condition and any prescribed medications. It’s wise to have the prescription drugs you need for your travels in Europe if one has a chronic condition.

AXA travel insurance is not required to obtain a visa.

You can have peace of mind when your travel insurance covers you for medical expenses, setbacks like lost luggage, or other situations that could disrupt your holiday. There are countless other expenses that the travel insurance will accommodate you. It is usually highly advised to have travel insurance, and it is no different for traveling to the EU.